Oldie But A Goodie

I ran into this one while converting my CD storage to more reliable storage. This was a weeding invitation for a very dear friend. And YES! They're still together.

2010 Eno Wines

The 2010 labels for Eno Wines marks our eleventh year creating and recreating the brand. The artwork for the labels are always cropped to focus on the story being told. But we've always loved the design moments that happen outside the label frame. So the images attached is full-frame artwork. This year we're showing Sasha and Kiara's (the owners) life journey through maps. As one moves from the lightest wine (the Viognier) to the darkest (the Syrah), the dots representing the couple move closer and closer.

Misc Art Catalogues

Seems like we've been working on a few art and photography catalogues lately. Here's a few.

Fruition Restaurant Packaging

Fruition Restaurant, recognized by Food and Wine Magazine and voted best restaurant in Colorado by Zagat's, has opened a farm to create their own produce and dairy products to sell and serve at the restaurant.

LP/w was asked to develop the brand for both the restaurant and the farm starting with the packaging for their cheese.

Marquette University Law School History Exhibit

The Law School at Marquette University has moved into a brand new building. To mark this new chapter, LP/w was asked to create a historical exhibit worthy of this prominent program. Lawyers love words. Exhibits are typically light on words. The challenge was to an experience that elegantly balance those two extremes.

Kevin Weinstein Photography Continued

Kevin Weinstein Photography

As a wedding photographer, Kevin Weinstein has become known in the
Chicago area for his photojournalistic style. When he moved out of his home
office space, he asked LP/w to help with his storefront and office. Honest
materials embodied his down-to-earth nature and style, while modern classics
reflected his flare for the dramatic.

We think he likes it. Here's what he had to say:

"Hey you both. Things are kickin' (expletive) down here and the space is looking better than imagined.

I am in awe.

That wall you designed. God, I love you. You are a genius! It's up and it rocks.

More later. But thank you both. Kevin"